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Good Driving Habits


‚ÄčThe most important aspect of obtaining reasonable fuel consumption and reducing the operating costs on  your Maruti, is cultivating good driving habits


  1. Ensure specified tyre pressures. Please refer to the tyre pressure specifications sticker on inner side of front right side door edge.
  2. Ensure appropriate gear shift. Always start on the 1st gear. Shift to 2nd gear at 20km/hr. Shift to the 3rd gear at 30km/hr. Shift to the 4th gear at 40km/hr. Shift to 5th gear at 45km/hr.
  3. Avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.
  4. Avoid unnecessary usage of the clutch. Use the clutch only while shifting gears. Never ride on the clutch. While braking to slow down, do not depress the clutch. You will have better control over your Maruti while applying the brake and not depressing the clutch. Depress the clutch only while you are about to stop completely.
  5. While negotiating speed breakers, bad roads, slow moving traffic or turnings, shift to a lower gear. Use 2nd gear for speeds between 10km/hr to 20km/hr and 3rd gear for speeds between 20km/hr to 30km/hr. While on low gear, use the brakes and accelerator alternately to control vehicle speed. Avoid continuously depressing the clutch.While driving down inclines, do so on a lower gear and alternately use brake and accelerator to control vehicle speed. Avoid continuously depressing the clutch.
  6. Fill up your tank at a regular petrol bunk. The best way to check up the fuel consumption, is the tank full to tank full method.
  7. Avoid needless idling of your engine. Switch off your engine when idling exceeds 30 seconds. Your engine consumes about 10cc of fuel while idling for about 60 seconds.
  8. Periodical inspection and maintenance at a Maruti Authorised Dealer will ensure that your Maruti is in ship shape condition always
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